Result Producing System Vs. Theory On The Journey of Success Thru Learning

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Result Producing System Vs. Theory On The Journey of Success Thru Learning

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  • Result Producing System Vs. Theory On The Journey of Success Thru Learning
Scaleup Abundance Coach Kumar Gaurav #withkumargaurav

Result Producing System Vs. Theory On The Journey of Success Thru Learning

Have You Ever Attended Self Acclaimed Seminars on Public speaking but still struggling to Grab the Mic And yet to Conquer the Stage fear? Have You Ever Completed Intensive Money Workshop And Still Struggling to Make Millions?
Well, Have you ever Attended education on relationship but still not seeing the loving nurtured relationship in your life ? Or Still looking for any stress busters despite getting counselled by experts?
I know these introspective questions bring a Bulb ON 💡 Moment in your Mind, don’t these?
Well the reality about this is that today’s training industry has got very rare experts who produce real results in participants’ lives. I don’t think they are lagging behind but then what is the reality?
Why Not everyone sees the Results?
Let’s Take a Deep Dive further for the root cause behind no results:
1. You are Not Caught but only coached:

When I state this, there are two aspects behind it and you need to ask these questions to yourself:
Are you coachable?
The training and education or learning won’t be worth for you if you are not coachable at first place. If you think that you know everything, there is no chance to progress. In fact even the coaches are the one who also are get coached by the ones who are ahead of them because they identify them to get coached always.
Are You Action Taker: Yes this is a quiet profound question to ponder upon. Even if you are coachable and you don’t take action, again the coaching is of no worth. The whole game point is missing if you get coached and don’t even take a baby step. One who commences on this journey, kickstarts with baby step but the one who takes a massive action always masters the entire game of scaling up in every area of one’s life. Are you an action taker? Are you a kickstarter or you are a Massive Action Taker? Ask yourself these questions.
Above questions are two different aspects in itself because if both the traits are not with you and you sign up for any offline or online progression plan, you will end up just paying and won’t see any result. As a result if you don’t see any result 😉 then it is a coach’s responsibility to get you going. In case you are not caught with this break then it means you have been just coached. But trust me this is as equal as not getting coached. I believe that when you know something and can not act upon it then it is as equal as not knowing.

2. Lack of System from the Coach
Now this becomes very Interesting If above point 1 represents the failure. You know why and what behind the concrete reason of this failure? Let me tell yo the simple reason is this:

Human Fails, System Does Not!
If System is not there in place with progression plan, failure is bound to happen and hence robust and proven step by step system is required. However A coach takes complete effort however things may not show up. Coaches now a days stop themselves from adjusting mentees’ focus from result or action to mindset only. The very simple reason is the attention gets distracted in multiple activities at a time. You might have heard that:
Where attention goes, energy flows and result shows.
This becomes the need of the hour when focus is factored.
I know i have just put up here some thoughts.. but i wanted to bring just a core message thru this blog is that if you as a success thriver or success giver not presenting or bringing result then trust me all the game of learning, teaching and implementing is bluff. In case any one is more curious to learn about the real game changer formula I can invite to my FREE Master Class which will start with Abundance Meditation, with Abundance System and Abundance Result Proofs. Yes Some Real proofs of Game Changers and Game Changer Implementation plan and again the complete system is automated.
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Thanks for Reading and Being an awesome Reader!
Have a super amazing day to you and I mean it!
Take Care!

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