Meet Kumar Gaurav

The creative mind Kumar Gaurav, was born in India and nurtured for creativity during his school days. Moved to an urban city from a small town for study where struggled hard for during college days. In early college days had to start looking for extra earning sources, however it did not see any success. Had to serve thru various roles in 14 years of career span of IT sector. However the golden period of life learning started in year 2005 where i was introduced with LOA thru one of an NGO’s educational wing. No earning or less earning but the learning started on full swing about life. Encountered with my Spiritual super Mentor. Life took the elevator shift then.
My mind became a thinker cloud, started getting directions in my life. Started designing learning systems by my own for newbies but never published them. However followed society and got indulged myself in the rat race of 9 to 5.
I was always in search of Freedom, a complete FREEDOM. My spiritual mentor took charge of my spiritual liberation but for my Financial Immunity had to undergo various training system. Nothing worked in favor and finally had started creating my own eco-system to create Multiple sources of income. Mean while released my Amazon India  best selling chaser book in Indian language based on a partial real life story. This was the time when i trained myself for multiple game of money.

During these days learned from many and Interacted with Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mindvalley Academy), Bob Proctor (The Secret movie personality), Joe Vitale (The secret movie fame), Jack Canfield (The Secret movie personality and author), Brian Tracy (the best selling author) and also adopted the tapping solutions training from Nick Ortner and Jessica Ortner.

During this journey i was so excited to see an email from world renowned author  of the books like “Chicken soup for the soul” and “Principle of Success” proposing me to work with his upcoming short film “SOUL OF SUCCESS”. Unfortunately it did not work out then and could not respond to the author Jack Canfield.

Every interactions, books and people must be working for me then to help me grow up and scale up in my life but nothing shaped me to my dream goal till then.

After exact three years one morning had to pray badly to the universe that my current employer herself should ask me to quit from my current service so that i can serve to my dreams. I had only Three months of time to launch my public eco-system world wide. It may sound strange but bang on! in the evening my manager called up and requested me to write my resignation. He gave a reason stating that “Sir (in India few colleagues talk with each other addressing as sir irrespective of position) your payout is on higher scale for the company, that’s the reason company would want to let you go”.

Instantly after listening to these words i felt like small single ripple on the surface of river but immediately got so happy internally because my prayers were manifested and delivered to me just before evening itself on same day. Not only that the employer got ready to pay me for three more months of salary apart from the current month one’s. I was so deep in gratitude then because I was supposed to work for myself, report to myself and still could help millions who were struggling for a stress free life and were not able to manifest their dream lifestyle by themselves.

I was excited to help this community of people by launching my Manifestation Mystery Immunity Model (MMIM) program by inviting such beautiful path finders in my ecosystem called as  IMMUNITY LIFESTYLE HUB designed by me.

I was so eager to show case my self as a manifestation man and now an astral manifestor for the world. I declared my self FREEDOM SUCCESS AVIATOR (a FREEDOMPRENEUR) from where KGS (KUMAR GAURAV SOLUTIONS) coined up.

My all certificates on the path of IT agility of CSM, 6 sigmas, and degrees like MBA in IT and studies of corporate law, my business visits to the cities like “Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Colombia, Capetown, Johannesburg, Sydney etc.” all appeared tiny in front of my own loving venture KGS (standing tall today to help millions on the path of Manifestation Immunity Lifestyle, committed to bringing Immunity to individual’s Independence.