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Business Abundance Coach Kumar Gaurav

Meet Kumar Gaurav

The creative mind Kumar Gaurav, from India, nurtured for creativity during his school days. Moved to an urban city from a small town to study. Bullied since childhood, struggled hard during college days. 

Money, Wealth and Abundant living had been concern since childhood. In early college days had to start looking for extra earning sources, however it did not see any success. Had to serve thru various roles in 19  years of career span of IT sector. However the golden period of life learning started in year 2005 where I was re-introduced to myself with support of  an NGO’s educational wing. 

No earning or less earning but the learning started on full swing. Encountered with my Spiritual super Mentor bright wisdom. Life took the elevator shift then.
Mind became slave and heart the ruler. Started designing learning systems by my own for newbies but never published them. However followed society and got indulged myself yet in the rat race of 9 to 5.

I was always in search of Freedom, a complete FREEDOM. My spiritual mentor took charge of my spiritual liberation but for my Financial Immunity had to undergo various training system. Nothing worked in favor and finally had started creating my own eco-system to create Multiple sources of income. Mean while released my Amazon India  best selling books based on a partial real life story. This was the time when I trained myself for multiple game of money. Reason money became resource to liberate me spiritually and Financially.

During these days learned from many and Interacted with Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mindvalley Academy), Bob Proctor (The Secret movie personality), Joe Vitale (The secret movie fame), Jack Canfield (The Secret movie personality and author), Brian Tracy (the best selling author) and also adopted the tapping solutions training from Nick Ortner and Jessica Ortner.

My Mission

“Help 100,000 People to Build and Grow their Business By Using Business Abundance Model To Give them a Business Abundance Lifestyle”

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